There are over 500,000 open jobs in the Tech sector today. Help bring those jobs to York.

Last March, the White House announced $100 million in grants to support the TechHire Initiative. The DOL plans to award the $100 million for 30 to 40 communities to pilot and scale innovative partnerships between employers, labor organizations, education and training providers, local and state governments, the workforce system, non-profits and faith-based organizations. At least $50 million of that grant money will go toward programs for young Americans, 17-29, with “barriers to training and employment” that will help prepare them for jobs in Tech, Health Care and Advanced Manufacturing.

Since TechHire kicked off, the White House reports that 35 cities, states and rural areas with 500 employer partners have joined the initiative. Through a strategic partnership led by MANTEC, SPCa Works, The Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania and The Fortress Initiative, York has made the first step by entering our community into the TechHire running.

“Over six million young Americans between the ages of 16 and 24 are out of school and work, which represents a significant untapped resource of productivity and talent for the country.” President Obama, March 2015

Tech jobs aren't just in
the Tech Sector.

Over 2/3 are in:

Health Care
Cyber Security
Data Science

TechHire York Partners

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